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Bible Study by Email

By John Karmelich


Welcome to!! It is a home for people who believe the Christian bible is the Word of God and would like to learn more about it. This is not a cult project and there is no particular denomination of Christianity being pushed through these notes. This web site is the archive of thousands of pages of bible study notes. Further, this is an ongoing ministry of bible study emails sent to you at no charge with no strings attached. These e-mail bible studies summarize the key points of the bible, discuss how they apply to our lives, and help people grow in their relationship with Jesus Christ. Each e-mail covers one or two chapters in outline format. They are “expository style,” which simply means a verse by verse commentary.

As an Evangelical Christian, I believe the best way to learn the Bible is to study it one verse at a time, one chapter at a time, and one book at a time. These lessons are designed to “simply teach the bible, simply.” In preparation for each lesson I pray for the Holy Spirit's guidance, diligently study the text, review lots of bible commentaries that I often quote, and then put the lessons together. I believe in humor as I take God seriously, but not myself.

I wanted to create a set of bible study commentaries, which are fairly easy to follow, make you think about the bible and how it applies to your life, and requires about an hour of reading per lesson. I have read lots of other bible commentaries that are very brief (e.g., one page per chapter) and many that are very detailed (e.g., 20 or more pages per chapter), but very little in between. That is the idea behind these studies.

Currently there are over 13,500 pages of notes on this website. Besides commentaries on various books of the bible, there are also several topical studies on the bible itself: They are on How To Buy A Bible, A Brief History Of The Bible, and How To Study Your Bible.

Feel free to browse this site and decide for yourself if you want to join the email list. You are also free to read and study anything that is archived on these site. If you decide to get on the list, there is no charge. You are never solicited and your e-mail address is never given to anyone. You don't have to disclose your name, nor address nor phone number! You can start and stop the emails at anytime. I do this because I want to see people grow in their relationship with God and well, I love writing about God’s Word! Before you start, please check out the Frequently Asked Questions page. If you are interested in what I believe prior to starting, please read my Statement of Faith.

God Bless and I hope you enjoy these studies.

John Karmelich

If you are also interested in more in-depth topical Bible studies, I recommend

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